Meritor’s Aftermarket business is a leading global source of replacement parts for trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, coaches, fire trucks and other specialty vehicles. Manufacturing and distribution facilities in North America and Europe offer multiple Meritor brands to fit diverse needs for axles, braking systems, suspensions and remanufactured products to meet market needs around the world.


For more than 65 years, Meritor has engineered and manufactured ground-breaking components that are the benchmark for trailer suspensions, axles, brakes and safety systems. A growing portfolio of integrated air suspension systems fits a wide range of trailer designs and applications. The company is also the leading supplier of automatic tire inflation systems by offering the Meritor Tire Inflation System™ (MTIS)


Meritor's industry-leading automatic slack adjusters have a number of competitive advantages

  • Pull-pawl design with fewer moving parts to enhance durability and reliability, and simplify service
  • Stroke-sensing design  
  • Fully sealed design resists internal contamination for longer component life  
  • Ratchet-type adjuster minimizes internal wear to maximize reliability  

Self-contained design simplifies installation and eliminates need for special grounding straps