In 1956, when heavy over-the-road vehicles, lacking a reliable air-brake backup device,were experiencing air system failures, MGM’s founders came up with an innovative solution to this industry safety problem; designing and patenting the first spring parking brake.  Their innovation achieved worldwide acceptance as a simple solution to a serious problem that had plagued the transportation industry for decades. MGM Brakes rapidly progressed from its humble origins to industry-leader status, developing drum and air disc actuators designed to address the operational requirements and varied environments of all segments of the commercial vehicle industry. Keeping safety at the forefront, MGM began to focus on advanced technologies for the pre-trip inspection.  To help with this daily task, MGM designed and patented, e•STROKE®, electronic brake monitoring systems. These systems help with verifying proper brake setup and operation on commercial vehicle drum and air disc brakes, as well as provide continuous real-time brake monitoring on any air brake equipped vehicle. Whichever MGM Brakes product you select, you’ll be getting the best product designed and manufactured by the acknowledged worldwide leader.