NRC Towing and Recovery Equipment


PM Industries is proud to be part of the NRC Family, providing quality towing and recovery equipment that has the capacity to take on the toughest jobs

NRC heavy wreckers are a strong ally that will provide you with the peace of mind that the job will be done in time, no matter what circumstances you’re dealing with. Take a look at our Wreckers, the Composite Sliding Rotators, Composite Sliders and Sliding Rotators.  For a detachable towing unit let the lightweight and power of the Quickswap take care of you.  NRC Rollback Carriers are strong, dependable and versatile, so you won't miss any opportunity, ever.  Guaranteed!  Models include the 10,000 TB, 20,000TB, 20,000 TB DD, 30,000TB AND 40,000 TB. 

Download a NRC brochure for full details and specs.

NRC 10TB Image
NRC 20TB Image
NRC 30TB Image
NRC 40TB Image
NRC 20CS Image
NRC 25CS Image
NRC 30CS Image
NRC 40CS Image
NRC 50CS Image
NRC 4050CSR Image
NRC 5065CSR Image
NRC 6080SR Image
NRC Road Runner Image
NRC Quick Swap Image
NRC Quick Swap with tag Image