The Chameleon rolling tarp system loads like a flat bead and protects like a van. Drivers no longer have to spend precious time tarping their loads. This system is safe, easy to use, and is one of the best systems on the market. PM Industries Ltd. has chosen to offer their customers Chameleon’s rolling tarp system because their system adds the least amount of height, width and weight to your trailer. Other leading brands add 6” to the overall width of a trailer, whereas Chameleon’s low profile design only adds 4”.

Chameleon tarping system models will never be out of date. If you purchase one today, you will not be required to buy a whole new system to accommodate a new innovation that comes out tomorrow. Chameleon designs their latest improvements to fit used Chameleon systems.

Chameleon rolling tarp systems are the safest and easiest-to-use rolling tarp system in the world. Chameleon prides themselves on keeping their systems simple and reliable.